Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Desert Island Discs = 4

This is my final installment of my Desert Island Discs list.  I may add another column with some "Greatest Hits" CD's that are my faves at some later date.  I also may add a Global/International list but for now, I will stick with these...  Enjoy.


Pete Yorn - Muscforthemorningafter

If you haven't discovered Pete Yorn, yet, you are REALLY missing out.  Although under the radar, he has put out several VERY good albums.  Nightcrawler and Day I Forgot are excellent and I almost listed Back and Forth instead of my ultimate choice.  I listen to them all and they never disappoint.

Musicforthemorningafter was his debut album and for this, it gets the nod.  Incredible.  It may take a few listens but do it.  Now.  This is pop with a meaning.

Here is Pete and part of his band performing my second favorite Pete Yorn song, Paradise Cove, live in San Diego.  Enjoy.

Miracle Legion - The Backyard

This 1983 classic is one introduced to me only recently from my Brother in Law - Hank Everett.  He has great taste in music and knows my taste pretty well.  This is one of his favorites also and when we found it on iTunes I downloaded it, based on his recommendation.  No real memories here, just a simple 7 songs of jangle pop that is really good.  Reminds me of the Jayhawks, a bit, without the harmonies.  Also reminds me of early R.E.M. "The Backyard" title track is my favorite.  "Butterflies", "Closer to the Wall" and "Just Say Hello" are great.  Happy music.  College music.  Indie.  Whatever.  Makes me think of simpler days, first love and growing up without a care in the world.

Peter Gabriel - So

I saw Peter Gabriel in concert in the early 90's and he was incredible.  He is a great artist and visionary, in music, video and showmanship.  Us is another great album but So really delivers a thoughtful punch in the gut.  Everybody knows "Sledgehammer" "Red Rain" and "Big Time", which are excellent and were popular hits.  For me, "Don't Give Up", "In Your Eyes" and "Mercy Street" are the best on the album.  They have a message, poignant and emotional and timeless in their message of despair, hope and love.  This reminds me of just returning back from my mission and dating.  This is a classic album for a classic time in my life.

Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up the Girl

In my mind, the Goo Goo Dolls have two personalities.  That's convenient given they have two main members also:  Johnny Rzeznik and Robby Takac.  Each seems to take the band on a different direction.  I am really a Johnny Rzeznik fan and his style of music.  It started with "Name" on their CD "A Boy Named Goo."  It really grew when I played Dizzy Up the Girl for the first time.  DUTG is wall to wall excellence.  It has an urgency and longing associated with the songs - a finely woven dichotomy of rough times but upbeat hope in the songs.  I love "Dizzy", "Slide", "Broadway", "Black Balloon" and of course "Iris."  "All Eyes On Me" is also very good as is "Acoustic #3".  Roll down the windows of your car, open the sunroof on a sunny day and crank this one up.  Great driving music.

Sting - Nothing Like the Sun

I love Sting (and the Police).  He has been quite an innovator in the music world.  Sophisticated but edgy.  Very aware of the present and very confident.  It is hard to pick the best CD from his catalog but I have to choose one - it is this one.  Cover to cover a great listen.  Groovy.  Diverse.  Global.  Listen to "Lazarus Heart", "Be Still My Beating Heart", "Englishman in New York", "They Dance Alone" and "Fragile."  Excellent music.


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