Saturday, February 27, 2010

Been a while....

Guess I am finding this blog thing more difficult than I thought... Hard to think of interesting things to say... Still, here I go.

Last two weeks have been great. A lot of training but also a lot of rest. Weather is getting better in Calgary (at least for now). Key workouts have been very good - keeping the heart rate under the anaerobic threshold so it is a bit new for me but I am really liking it. Listening more to my body and adjusting my workouts daily, depending on how I feel and what other stress is going on in my life...

Did a one hour run in Banff last Saturday with my wife - non-stop in the Tunnel Mountain area. Today I did 1.5 hours on the trainer in my Alberta Room - watching a basketball game. A lot of fun!


Saturday, February 13, 2010


I decided a couple of weeks ago to take this thing to a new level and get a Tri Coach. A lot of good people out there with great qualifications and motivations. It wasn't easy to find someone that would fit my personality type and mirror my holistic view of the sport and training. Fortunately, Grant Molyneux agreed to talk about an approach for this years races and I liked his style.

I had already signed up for Grant's Total Immersion swimming course and I really enjoy it. It made natural sense to extend our relationship to the other aspects of the sport.

Grant and I spent a long time talking about "how I got here", what motivated me and the parameters within which I live my life and approach Tri's. With that, we put together a sustainable training plan with KEY workouts and fillers to help me acheive my goals. He also recommended a great book called "Breakthrough Triathlon Training" by Brad Kearns. After reading the first bit of the book, it really is resonating with me. A balanced, holistic approach to training and approaching the sport. I highly recommend it.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

The killers

I ended up getting a bit sick this week - was laid up in bed on Monday and part of Tuesday. Didn't do much training until it passed on Wednesday. Today was a full day, though. 30 minutes of TI Swimming @ Westside (I am getting a lot better...), another 45 minutes on bike (trainer) and then 4.5K in the neighborhood (by the way, the sun made it look a lot warmer than it really was!).

Felt really good until I completely ran out of "gas" about 3/4 of the way through the run. Not enough fuel in the tank. Good learning, however.

By the way, I have been really enjoying using my trainer at home - especially when I can sit in front of some good DVD and just ride! I'm sure people will think I am a bandwagon boy by getting into the killers but I don't care. I think they are my favorite group right now and I have found my training rides go quicker and smoother when I watch their Live from Royal Albert Hall DVD in our "Alberta Room." If you are a fan, it's a must buy. If you aren't a fan, give it a try...