Sunday, August 1, 2010

Canmore - is this SUMMER?

Canmore was next in July. To put it bluntly, it sucked. TOUGH race with lots of hills and the weather did not cooperate at all. Water was very cold and then sprinkled as you got on your bike. Was hard to get dry at all... Regressed in my time but was determined to finish and have a great time doing it. Again, enjoyed the friendship of Brad Johns and his friends and family. Brad and I started the race out together - he just finished a little a head of me. My family was there, though and was the BEST. Love you guys.


Wasa Baby!

Have bounced back fairly well from reinjuring my knee this Spring. That's really what caused me to stop blogging... I admit, I was depressed for a while... Went to see the Dr., decided to get through the season and see how it goes. Fortunately, it has consistently gotton better...

Got through my first Olympic in June at Wasa Lake. What an incredible experience. Took the family camping and experienced it with a good friend, Matthew Williams and his family. Was a beautiful day with great support. Hot towards the end and it took a lot out of me... Still, was the best event I have participated in so far. A real gem!