Saturday, December 22, 2012

Desert Island Discs = Part 3

In a continuing quest to communicate my love for certain CD's, beginning to end, here is the third installment of my mini-series.  No "Greatest Hits" packages and no international stuff - that will come later.  Also in no particular order....


Del Amitri - Twisted

Some may recognize this band from Scotland from their semi-hit "Roll To Me"from this album.  A catchy little song that fits well on this selection.  Our family even did a little lip sync skit to it (with Garrett, Drew and Hannah as the stars of the show).  Still, there is a lot more to this band and this album.  "Here and Now", "Never too Late to Be Alone", "Tell Her This" are a must.  "Driving with you Brakes On" was even remade by a Canadian Country band and went on to be a bit hit up there.  This was another one I picked up in Minneapolis - reminds me the summertime there.  Upbeat, catchy tunes with great vocals and musicianship.  Great driving music.

R.E. M. - Out of Time

Don't have to say much about the band itself.  They practically invented 'college rock' in the 80's.  Simply a great and talented group.  I have most of their works and I particularly like their early to mid-career stuff.  "Automatic for the People" was their last great album, cover to cover.  Once they moved into "Monster" and "New Adventures In Hi-Fi", they were good but spotty.

Out of Time is their masterpiece.  They had started out as college darlings taking music in some different directions with earlier works but by the time they made Out of Time they had really hit their stride.  Confident.  Coherent.  Musically beautiful.  All in all another upbeat CD but it has some slower moments.  The mandolin addition on "Losing My Religion" was reported to be an afterthought, go figure!  "Near Wild Heaven", "Texarkana", "Me in Honey", and "Half a World Away" are incredible.

AC/DC - Back in Black

Growing up this was my favorite band.  They were the first concert I ever went to (Legend City, Phoenix Arizona, "For Those About to Rock" tour).  How my mom EVER let me go still amazes me.  I love their earlier music - Bon Scott was an incredible vocalist and even today, most of my favorite songs from the group are sung by him.  Still, if I have to pick an album - one that I would need on my Desert Island, it would be Back in Black.  It is a reaction.  It calls you.  It raises your heart rate.  It makes you feel invincible.  I admit, at an early age I wasn't sure what they were talking about in the lyrics...  I know now.  Definitely not P.G.

The concert sequence where the ring "Hells Bells" at the beginning - unforgettable.  "Shoot to Thrill", "Given the Dog a Bone" and the title track are my favorites.  I used to haul this one over on my bike to Tracy Crockett's house and listen to it as loud as we could with all my friends (Amy Benjamin, Bart Massey, etc.)  Great times!

Coldplay - A Cold Rush of Blood to The Head

What a great and talented band.  I really enjoy their music.  Not as moody as Radiohead - more mainstream and melodic - but they remind me of Radiohead as they still make very interesting music and generate a lot of sound and emotion when they play.

This was my introduction to Coldplay.  It was on a regular rotation a few years ago in my car CD player - I listened to it a lot.  I have since picked up every album they have made.  Others are very good but this one is their best.  They were just becoming very popular but hadn't really hit mainstream yet.

This one reminds me of mountains, Banff, Calgary, pine trees and cooler weather.  It is sophisticated but accessible.  Hard to pick favorite tracks but listen to "Warning Sign" and "Green Eyes" hidden in the middle of the CD.  The whole thing is good but those two are gems.  

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  1. I had never thought of what your musical tastes might be, and admit to some surprise. I've never heard of almost all of it, and can see where I'll need to go get some samples from iTunes, or YouTube.