Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Greatest Hits

There are some bands that just transcend a particular album or work.  They have so much good work that waiting for a 'Greatest Hits' package is the best way to go.  I love all of these artists and I listen to them a lot - I haven't used them in any of my previous lists - not because they don't have great music but because they are best experienced, in my opinion, by compilation!  Enjoy.  DT


Bob Marley & The Wailers:  The Very Best Of

Absolutely great music.  The unique combination of cool, laid back and relevant.  Full of political statements and heartfelt emotion.  You hear this music all over the world - it transcends borders and boundaries because it is that good.  "Could you Be Loved" and "Waiting in Vain" are my favorites.  Tight, tight reggae.
George Michael:  25

Call this a guilty pleasure or whatever.  This guy generated some of the best music in the 90's.  This one has some leftover Wham! tracks (the good ones) as well as his top hit catalog.  I mostly prefer his faster songs but some of the slower ones work too.  Listen to "Hard Day" which is a lesser known hit. Great music to put in your iPod for a run or a workout.

Journey Greatest Hits

The world seems to have come back to this seminal 80's band.  These guys were part of the soundtrack to my High School days.  They put out several great pop albums.  Steve Perry has an incredible voice and the band is so tight together.  Just a great group of hits from a great band.  "Only the Young" is a lesser known hit and probably my favorite on this CD.

The English Beat:  The Very Best Of

I had a Best Of compilation of the English Beat when I was in High School.  It went out of print and they replaced it with this one this year.  Such a talented New Wave/Ska group.  When they broke up, they spawned General Public and Fine Young Cannibals - both excellent groups themselves.  Key influencers for No Doubt and a real leader in their movement.  "End of the Party" is a hidden gem.

The Sound of the Smiths

One of my favorite all time bands.  Melancholy but fun.   College rock and jangle pop at its best.  I have listened to their music so much my iTunes can't count that high.  They have influenced so many bands and have so many incredible songs.  "There is a Light that Never Goes Out" is my favorite.

Led Zeppelin Mothership

What can you really say about Led Zeppelin.  This one is a beast from start to finish and they even left a few of their best off this CD!  If you just want to jam for a while and feel the heavy beats of good rock and roll, put this one on.  I have to be in the mood for these guys and that is usually a snowy day in the winter!  "Over the Hills and Far Away" is one of my favorites.

Smashing Pumpkins Rotten Tomatoes

Prior to iTunes, I remember going to the store and trying to figure out which Smashing Pumpkins CD to buy.  I really liked several songs on several albums but they were on different releases.  When this CD came out I bought it right away.  I have since bought a lot more of their music but this particular one is now on constant rotation and has been for years.  "Stand Inside Your Love" is a lesser known favorite of mine.  John Durant will think this is taking the easy route but I don't care!

A Decade of Steely Dan

Sometime after we were first married, we visited a friends house (Ted & Sheila) and they were playing this.  I was hooked.  I had heard of Steely Dan for years but something clicked.  I have picked up a lot more of their music since, including solo stuff from Donald Fagan.  Never disappointing and some of the tightest best music played anywhere.  Sophisticated.  "F.M." is awesome!

The Singular Adventures of the Style Council

Very quirky, to most.  I really love these guys.  They are light and fun.  Somewhat sophisticated with layered rhythms and lots of strings, etc.  Real musicians.  Paul Weller is very quirky but that makes it interesting.  The fashion sense was unique and I tried to dress like these guys in High School (embarrassing).
If I have to pick one song, it would be "You're the Best Thing."

Tears for Fears:  Tears Roll Down

These guys are timeless 80's music, in my mind.  I never get tired of their music and I play it a lot.  I can't really put my finger on it either.  They are part of the soundtrack of my youth, I guess.  "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" is the most played song on my iTunes.  Period.  "Woman in Chains" is a hidden gem.

The Cars Anthology

I have often wondered why these guys don't get more respect.  Tight New Wave.  The godfathers of New Wave.  Crammed full of hits and then some extras.  I really enjoy these guys.  "Dangerous Type" just rips.  "Double Life" is a hidden gem.

The Cure Greatest Hits

Another soundtrack to my younger life.  I remember when I first heard Lovecats.  What was that??  What a strong influence these doom and gloomers have had on so many bands.  Seems like every Fall I play these guys non-stop.  "Just Like Heaven" is probably #2 on my iTunes most frequently played list.  

The Eagles Complete Greatest Hits

These guys may seem out of place, given the above, but I am still in my Desert Island mode, really.  These guys remind me of driving from Calgary to Montana, or Idaho or wherever there are mountains.  Country.  Rock. Pop.  All of the above.  Timeless music and some of the best road trip music ever.  "One of These Nights" is incredible.

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