Wednesday, January 15, 2014

World's Angriest Trainer….

Just finished the Vinnie Tortorich book called, "Fitness Confidential."  Decent book with some interesting stories about Vinnie's own evolution in fitness.  From a diet perspective, he really boils it town to an Atkins/Paleo type of menu which does not necessarily agree with my heart doctor.  He claims it is really the only diet that takes the weight off and keeps it off.  Again, not sure if I am convinced in all cases but it appears to work for him.  He devotes a section on gyms that I thought was overdone - perhaps for those people that are casual users of the gym, it would be helpful.  I do not fit that mold so it got old.  Definately not a triathlon book, from a sporting perspective.  Really about trainers, workouts and being healthy.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finding Ultra - Rich Roll

Just finished Finding Ultra by Rich Roll.  I really liked it.  His story is a little different from other inspirational athletic stories I have read.  It is still a bit of a 'fat to fit' story but he never got overly obese.  His issue was with alcohol and that part of the book is quite compelling.  A really gifted swimmer earlier in life, his dependency got the best of him and almost destroyed everything.  He was able to get control through hard work and changing his diet to a plant based one - that is the other key takeaway.  His stories, recipies and adventures read like other books I have read and it is entertaining.