Friday, November 15, 2013

IMAZ Race Week

Just thought I would put down a few thoughts as this week progresses.

The trucks have arrived and the tents are being setup.  The transition area is under construction and road closures around Tempe Town Lake are starting to pop up.

Meanwhile, we are trying to be as normal as possible at the Turner household.

The excitement is there but I don't want to get overly anxious.  Just looking for a sense of normal for a few days - good nights sleep, keep healthy, etc.

Drew, Madison and Caden flew in late Wednesday night.  They will be here for the week enjoying the sunshine and spending time with the family.  Madison's birthday was Thursday so we all celebrated at Oregano's in Tempe - EXCELLENT food as usual.

I checked in on Thursday also and spent a little time at the expo.  I have been preparing all week by putting things into different piles - sometimes more than I will need.  Still, little by little it gets rid of nervous energy.  The photo on the right will need to be all organized in a couple of days.  Shouldn't be an issue and im sure Becky will be excited for it to look clean again!


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