Thursday, November 29, 2012

Running the Sahara - Two Thumbs UP

OK, so I am on a bit of a book/movie review kick these days.  Short and sweet but to the point.  Fortunately I have been able to read some good books and see some good movies...

On the plane to Sioux Falls, SD this week I downloaded a couple of movies to watch.  "Running the Sahara" is a endurance sports documentary that I really liked.  Matt Damon produced it and he is the narrarator.

It is the story about three good friends that decide to do something that has never been done - run coast to coast across the Sahara desert.  The cinematography was excellent and the story line was also very good.  You got to meet each of the friends and go through their physical and mental issues.  They had a support crew that also played heavily in the story line.

I recommend this one.  Two "Thumbs Up."


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