Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Life Without Limits

I just finished another book that I really liked.  "A Life Without Limits:  A World Champion's Journey" is an autobiography by Chrissie Wellington, arguably the greatest female triathlete ever and certainly the top female triathlete of this generation.  This is a woman who is now gauging her success by how many men she beats!  Her dominance in the support is incredible and I found her story to be equally interesting.  The book starts out a little slow but quickly gains pace and is really amazing.  Chrissie was not born in a line of incredible athletes - in fact, she was mediocre at best when she was young. She didn't excel at any particular sport.  She did, however, have an incredible attitude and a drive that is unparalleled.  This was something she really stumbled into over time as she grew up and began to discover herself.  She is also very open about her struggles with eating disorders and other challenges that could have been the end of her.  She is really a great inspiration and this is a very 'feel good' book to read.


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