Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's all about perspective...

Being an Arizona boy, originally, I have to admit the weather in Calgary can really get to me this time of year - especially when I am training. Visions of a beautiful, warm Phoenix morning are very persuasive when you look outside and all you see is grey... Still, I find that the variety of elements, the challenge of the cold and the varied terrain can become a real advantage and, yes, even beautiful if one has the right perspective.

In an excellent book by Canadian Philathropist, Seymour Schulich, called "Get Smarter" he has a small chapter where he tells a story about a man living in the heat of Africa that longs for the cool and cold temperatures of Canada. We can't forget how good we have it and it's all about perspective.

Went to the gym today - 30 minutes in the pool doing drills. Slow and steady, just trying to get this "Total Immersion" thing down. Then came home and did 35 minutes on the trainer, watching a nice bike simulation video that came with it... After that, straight outside into the "grey" and did 5K. It's weird, I actually run faster after all that previous exercise - how can I actually have more energy... Need to think about that one. Not complaining though...

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