Friday, December 6, 2013

Steve Cooper - How to Live Life

I thought I would share a Facebook post from a man named Steve Cooper.  Steve is battling cancer.  A year ago he participated with us on the Tour To Tucson ride - 110 tough miles on a bike.  Most of us didn't know him but we gained a real appreciation for his struggle.

Recently he wrote the following...  I love it.
"For 42 years I had it all so wrong - I lived by to do lists and goals, seeking to accomplish this or that - when in reality none of it matters...

Create a life where daily you:

Exercise for health, not for medals
Commit specific acts of kindness
Love like you will never kiss again
Seek to be more intriguing
Bring passion to all you do
Are present

This is how I will choose to live the rest of my life."


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