Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Las Vegas - St. George - Frisco

I have really been traveling a lot lately for work.  I don't mind it, occasionally, but I have to get creative with my training and eating.  This last weekend I flew into Sin City on my may to San Franciso.  My good friend, Amy Benjamin, from high school, was in St. George visiting her aging parents.  Both are having some health problems and Amy was there helping out.  She lives near Ft. Collins, CO normally

so when she asked if I could come up and spend some time with her and her sweet parents, I jumped at the idea.  I flew into Las Vegas and rented a car and drove out to St. George.  What a wonderful place!  I handn't been to St. George since I was about 8 years old so I didn't remember much.  Visiting Amy and her parents was wonderful.  We were able to visit the St. George temple and drive up to see the IM 70.3 route in Snow Canyon, etc.  It got me very excited to do the race next year!  Now I have to figure out how to fit it into the the other 3-4 events I want to do Spring 2014!  This is a great shot of Amy and her mom at the St. George Temple.  Charles was out in the car being patient as we walked around a bit.

Amy made me some great chicken burgers at their place for lunch on Sunday......

Amy Benjamin and me....

When I got to San Francisco on Monday, I immediately went on a casual run around downtown and the Embarcadero and then past the AT&T ballpark.  What a great run!


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