Monday, February 18, 2013

Newton Demo and Clinic

Some friends of mine opened a great new running store in the East Valley called Cadence Running.  Dan and Mary Beaver are accomplished triathletes and just all around nice people.  They roped one of the Newton guys to do a clinic on Saturday.  This is our little group in back of the store going through a few Newton drills (I am a big fan of the shoes - Dan got me hooked on them.  Thanks Dan!).  Anyway, we had a great time even though I practice Chi Running and I have used the Newtons for about a year now, I learned some important things at the clinic.  Ironically, 'cadence' was the big aha for me.  I need to gradually increase my cadence to the 180 mark (or so).   It great to learn and to evolve as an athlete, even if it is later in life.

Thanks Cadence Running for a great event!


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