Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I LOVE Whole Foods....

Food is such an important part of our lives.  I have to confess, I REALLY love food.  As a result it has probably taken a dispropotionally important part of my life to date.

Still, there is no better 'high' that getting good food into your body.  Food that makes you feel healthy.  Food that makes you feel alive.  There is one place, across this great land, that I can consistently find that food - Whole Foods Supermarket.

I have downloaded an app on my iPhone that gives me the locations of the nearest Whole Foods markets wherever I am.  I use it!  During my last race in Boulder, I ate almost entirely at Whole Foods.  Of course, they are a supermarket and have all the groceries one would need.  My preference for trips and races is to go to the prepared food section - it's like going to a Old Country Buffet, only better (and more expensive).  They have all kinds of prepared dishes, salads, etc. with nutritional information.  You pay by the ounce.  I like to get a bunch of food and mix it all together - trying new things and combinations.  Kale is one of my new favorites.

Prices are higher and I don't necessarily buy into all their philosophies (given I have been in the Ag and Food industry for many years) but all-in-all they are my favorite place to eat.  Period.


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