Sunday, September 12, 2010

Banff Triathlon

The Subaru Banff Triathlon... What can I say. My thought was that given how poor the weather was this Summer, surely Fall would be better so why not sign up for the inaugural event... How wrong I was!

Like the rest of my events this year, weather would become a huge factor in the race once again. First, the water was BITTERLY cold. So cold, in fact, that the race organizers shortened the swim course for both Sprint and Olympic distances. 300 Meters was it for the Sprint and boy was it cold. Made it just fine, however. 1st Transition was very long (given I decided to completely change to avoid hypothermia). That plan worked well for a while except the bike ride (25 KM - longer than usual) was full of a constant rain. Thus, I got wet anyway. Saw a couple of causualties that fell off their bikes on the side of the road... Decided to take it easy and have fun.

The run was curvy but very nice as the sun finally started to come out. Felt really good about the race. Sprint distance is really too short for me, though. Justin and Paula Abel and their family were there - had a great time with them...


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